Cutlery drawer box

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by cabbie37 | 644 Posts

Whilst having a good look around after a week away, I noticed that the plastic cutlery drawer box is cracking and flexing - the front panel of the box that the fascia screws to. Has anyone replaced their drawer box? I imagine that a replacement kit might be readily available but any advice from those who have been there before me would be wecome.

Edit: Removing the draw just requires it to be lifted at the front when fully extended...



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RE: Cutlery drawer box

in Improving your pride and joy and how to fix things Fri Aug 19, 2022 4:59 pm
by Simboc2004 | 659 Posts

I'm in the process of building an entirely wooden replacement cutlery drawer. This is to replace the useless pull out chopping board on our 2005 model (when they changed to the new sink shape). I'll post pics when it's done - it's complicated because it has to go around / stop before the bottom of the sink. Currently we post the cutlery back through the slot where I have removed the top drawer...

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