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by scarfoot6@gmail.com (deleted)

My first post, so I hope I don't make any mistakes and get replies (guidance welcome).

I'm about to get my Eriba out from under its winter cover, and do some spring maintenance. Which lube would you recommend for all those external (door, hatch access, steps etc) hinges? PTFE? Silicone? Or what?

Any other top tips for this job? Maintenance of roof mechanism perhaps?

Cheers, Neil

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in Cleaning, polishing, painting, cosmetic improvements and additions Sat Mar 04, 2023 12:28 pm
by eribaMotters | 5.328 Posts

Welcome Neil. First thing, please be careful filling up with water, including the loo as frost still likely and you can get expensive damage.
For maintenance it's easiest if I say what I plan to do in a month or so as I'm not having it serviced this year, it's only done about 2,000 miles..
- wash and car polish roof.
- de-grease hinge mechanism if dirty [unlikely] and re-grease with a lithium/white grease or light smear of vaseline.
- brush and vacuum pop top fabric.
- wash and Bobby Dazzler bodywork as my van has dimpled finish.
- visual inspection underneath and clean as needed, hopefully no damage.
- de-grease and clean corner steadies and re-grease.
- de-grease and clean handbrake/brake linkages and re-grease.
- pop the bung on rear of brake drums and check shoes for wear.
- clean step mechanism, do NOT grease it, it will attract dirt which will result in a grinding paste.
- ptfe spray on hinges and locks.
- wipe clean rubber seals, I use a baby wipe, and dust with talc if I can find any, if not I may use a light silicon spray
- check outside electrics - security of cable/fittings, bulbs for operation, reflectors/lenses for damage, 13 pin cable for damage and contacts
- road tyres replaced as mine will be 7 years old this summer
- check spare wheel/ tyre for ease of removal, pressure and cracks.


I forgot, drawbar grease nipples

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