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in Hi. Please take a couple of minutes to say hello here Thu Mar 09, 2023 5:23 pm
by Greycamper (deleted)

Just had Reich 20 motor Movers fitted at AL cost £1200
Tried everywhere and they was the cheapest I could find.
Had flexible solar panel fitted, as the roof lifted didn't wa t it to be heavy for me.

Need new heating now as I found out heater is only has don't use gas never feel safe.
Don't know much about the boiler don't know if that works on gas or electric or both

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RE: New member

in Hi. Please take a couple of minutes to say hello here Tue Apr 25, 2023 10:01 am
by PhilipG (deleted)

I removed the large gas heater (also gas supply, flue etc.) from my 1998 Triton430 (bought 2015) and fitted a baby 500watt electric convector heater in its place (replacing the existing front cover), also fitted a similar electric convector under the small table at the front of the van (£15 each from Amazon eg:Warmlite 450w). They have their own thermostat but I leave them set on high and I fitted a Honeywell room thermostat on the wall for control. In view of the excellent insulation of the Eriba and its compact size, we only need one convector in cold weather - besides my boxer dog sleeps under the small table! We always have a mains hook-up on camp sites. Simple job for a service outfit. PS: this is my first forum message - hope I hav'nt broken any rules . . . . PhilipG

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