Electrolux RM200B not working on gas

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by Jimtipler (deleted)

B85462E3-ACD4-436B-8463-0D4AFE3AF893.jpeg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)Hello. My first post here. A lovely forum.
I recently became the latest custodian of a very cute 1983 Pan. Were very pleased with it.
However the 12v seems to have been disconnected. Ill get around to sorting that but the thing Id very much like to get working is the gas fridge.
It works fine on 240v but wont ignite.
First question is do I need 12v to get it going?
Secondly, if not any thoughts on getting it working?
The fridge is an Electrolux RM200B

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RE: Electrolux RM200B not working on gas

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by Steamdrivenandy | 1.017 Posts

On that model you don't need 12V, it'll have piezo ignition, which you should be able to hear ticking when you push in the ignition button. For gas you need to ensure the cylinder valve is open and that the isolating valve under the kitchen is set correctly. Gas burners of that age often suffer corrosion which blocks the supply. If the hobs light then either the isolator is wrong or there's a,muck issue in the burner
Caravan fridges only run on 12V when connected to a car, the 12v part coming from the car's alternator, not the caravans battery.

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RE: Electrolux RM200B not working on gas

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by Ray Lawrence | 670 Posts

There is a definite knack to lighting a gas fridge.

I don't know if you have the manual for your fridge but this is what I do for mine in a 2007 Triton.

Light the hob above the fridge to confirm that there is gas coming from the gas cylinder.
Turn the gas knob on the fridge to maximum. Push in and hold that knob for a count of 20. Whilst still holding in the knob, press the red ignitor button several times. Continue to hold the regulating knob pressed in for a few more seconds. Open the fridge door and look for a small blue flame in the inspection window in the lower left, it can be hard to see in broad daylight.
If it is not alight, wait for 30 seconds and then try again.
As the gas starts to come through to the burner there may be a few pops until the gas/air ratio sorts itself out.
It's important to wait between tries as you can get too much gas and that won't light either, a common mistake, certainly made by me in the early days.

2007 Triton 430GT - Seat Ateca 1.4TSI petrol manual
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