Solar Controller leads to low water pressure at the kitchen sink

in Improving your pride and joy and how to fix things Sat Apr 15, 2023 10:52 am
by Captain Carbunkle (deleted)

2007 Troll.
Well I didnít foresee that problem. Iíve posted elsewhere about the unsophisticated low voltage system in our Troll. Fine for 2007, but times change.
So after fitting the solar controller and upgrading the 12v distribution system I ended up with low pressure water at the kitchen sink but the bathroom was fine.
As originally installed, current for the water pump went from the BIP to a small junction box under the bathroom sink. Here it splits to supply the toilet, then via the taps back to the pump in the water tank. The problem was caused by the length of the cable runs and the fine wire feeding the microswitch in the taps. Of course with the unregulated BIP the higher voltage kept the pump going, but now there was only 10v at the pumpÖÖ
Luckily I had a suitable relay in stock and with plenty of spare outlets at the new fuse box, which is close to the pump anyway, all is now back to normal with just milliamps flowing through the tap microswitches.
The good news is that as the solar controller is Bluetooth, the 12v system can now be monitored and controlled from the phone. The pump interestingly draws 7 amps to start then settles at 3 amps on flow.

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