My Triton project

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by Abiretired (deleted)

Just joined the site, thanks..

i am restoring a 1980,s Eriba Triton and i am in search of some windows.

I need a nearside rear window, or the leads on trying to find one, or even just the acrylics, as the frame is good., just for starters.

The front "V" shaped window has seen better days, although it is watertite, it has crazing on it. Looks like when someone was pushing the unit around they pushed on the window.

Also i am presently trying to reburbish the fibreglass roof which has some rot in it.

I have washed all the original Orange curtains and nets & they have come up like new...few £ saved there. it has no water tank, as yet so i was just going to use a 25 ltr bottle with a pump dropped in it.

I also have to replace the four gas struts for the pop top.

I have replaced all the tyers as they were perished.

The van is cream & brown, i was wondering what are the views on getting a respray, to make it look a bit fresher, or should I keep the early retro look?


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RE: My Triton project

in Hi. Please take a couple of minutes to say hello here Fri Apr 21, 2023 9:32 am
by Simboc2004 | 697 Posts

I have an original Eriba 1990s 13 litre water tank from my second Triton that you are welcome to have. I updated the water system and forgot to pass it on to the new owner. Free to a good home...

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Poppy, our 2005 Eriba 430GT, leading our Volvo V70 astray...

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