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by cabbie37 | 641 Posts

I bought my Troll from a couple in Holland and it came with 2 Primagaz gas bottles, one of which just ran out..The system is up to date with a current dated regulator sourced from Dom Fox (removed from an import, no doubt) so the simplest thing for me to do would be to swap the empty. However, as I think is the case, Primagaz is only available in the Netherlands. In fact, the supplier of this empty is based in Rhenen, about 100kms from Amsterdam.

Now, as it happens I may well be attending a sporting event at Zandvoort (on the coast not far from Amsterdam) quite soon, crossing Harwich-The Hook. I won't have time to go to Rhenen but does anyone have any suggestions as to where/how I might be able to get an exchange botttle when I am there? Any suggestions very welcome...


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RE: Primagaz

in Anything Eriba-related Sun May 14, 2023 11:12 pm
by Trekker | 1 Post

Hello Hugh, Iím fairly sure Primagaz are the main lpg gas bottle supplier in Holland (the Dutch equivalent of Calor Gaz here in the UK). The upshot being they have bottle exchange services in so many different places throughout the country. I know that many campsites offer Primagaz bottle exchange services. I think many petrol stations also offer gas bottle exchange services as Iíve seen large secure caged areas full of gas canisters (usually sited in out-of-view corners of the site away from the fuel pumps. Even the camping shops, caravan dealers etc often offer exchange services. I donít think it matters which Primagaz outlet originally provided the bottle, although some suppliers may add a few bob if you did not the original gas bottle from them.

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RE: Primagaz

in Anything Eriba-related Mon May 15, 2023 8:41 am
by Simboc2004 | 603 Posts

Founded in 1938, Primagaz is a long-standing French player in the distribution of propane and butane, both in bulk and in bottles. It was the first group to obtain authorisation to distribute gas on the grid in the 27,000 municipalities not served by natural gas, helping to balance the energy mix. Since 1999, Primagaz has been the French subsidiary of the Dutch SHV Energy group, which has 30 million customers and 14,000 employees in Europe, Asia and Latin America. It certainly appears to have a Belgian arm, a French one and a Dutch one (possibly more?). Many of the French distribution points (garages and supermarkets) are now going over to automated bottle swap facilities available 24/7.

And you can get them delivered in the UK it would seem - outdoorxl.co.uk appear to offer home delivery (Dutch sourced) refills for 2.5kg and 5kg bottles (the latter half the price of the former...!!!), or the blue 5kg bottles from their shops only.

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RE: Primagaz

in Anything Eriba-related Mon May 15, 2023 8:45 am
by cabbie37 | 641 Posts

Thanks both. Sadly, the trip to Zandvoort looks like being off, the track car having developed a problem. However, if they are available in France (I had looked but not found this) or the UK even (didn;t know that at all!) It looks like there are other opportunities for me to solve the problem...


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