UK Diesel and Petrol prices.

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Blimey, what's occuring?

For the first time ever, Fuel stations in the UK have stepped into line with all the Fuel stations in Europe in selling diesel cheaper than petrol. In our part of the UK all Supermarkets and popular garages are pricing diesel a 3p a litre less than petrol (about £1.30 a litre). Still not as good as France and Italy where the price difference is about 15 cents but heigh-ho.

Have they been found out after all these years?


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RE: UK Diesel and Petrol prices.

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by Simboc2004 | 641 Posts

There has recently been an increase in Saudi diesel production, which has dropped the diesel price on forecourts. That price had been driven up because most diesel used to be sourced from Russia. Historically, domestic refineries struggled to keep up with diesel demand in the UK, which meant a lot of diesel was imported at higher cost - this is why diesel has, for a number of years, been more expensive in the UK than petrol.
Just remember that 65% of the cost of the fuel you buy is duty that goes to the Govt coffers... Currently that is 52.95p per litre of petrol or diesel - which does not change however prices may fluctuate - plus 20% VAT, which does vary.

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