Shein seat covers

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by TravisTroll | 13 Posts

Hi all,

Seen a few recommendations for Shein seat covers.
We have a 2014 Troll and for the life of me, I can't work out which covers will fit the variety of seat/back/'corner' cushions that are in the van.
I'd like the kind of covers that are elasticated to fit.
I've measured all the different cushions but am really struggling to find what that equates to, on the Shein website.
If anyone has the same van as us, and has successfully managed to find seat covers that fit the following, I'd be eternally grateful!:
2 x dinette seats + 2 x dinette seat backs
2 x long seats + 2 x long seat backs
2 x 'corner' cushions + 1 x centre piece (these all lie flat under rear window).

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RE: Shein seat covers

in Improving your pride and joy and how to fix things Mon Jul 31, 2023 1:59 am
by dinky | 211 Posts

mines older, foam over board seating, more modern vans changed to sprung seating cannot remember year sorry,
need to specify which seats have and model layout hopefully someone will pop on & help.

am also bamboozled by site https://www.shein.co.uk/1pc-Geometric-De...html?mallCode=1
the picture shows back to front ab measurement and side to side cd no indication of foam height size

all can say if were making (know your not) normally would measure from base height of foam, then across top to edge, height back down foam, do that both ways then adding extra for elastic seam under. normally look for fabric of that size, over order size for mistakes.

did spot yauk20 is code for funds off though. fingers crossed more help arrives.

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