Taps and toilet not working

in Anything Eriba-related Sat Aug 26, 2023 3:01 pm
by Clive795 | 31 Posts

We have just come back from ten days in the Cotswolds.

On day one the bathroom tap did not work, there is a click but no water.
On day two the Thetford electric flush stopped working and later that day the kitchen tap stopped too.

The van is a 2017 Triton 430 .
We had a bathroom tap failure a couple of years ago and Leisure First replaced it .

The van is now back on a storage site and my plan is to check that power is getting through to the wiring beneath each tap, I have had a look at the fuses and they seem to be Ok although I am not completely sure which fuse relates to the taps and /or toilet.
If there is power up to the tap I suppose it will have to be new taps again. Can anyone recommend taps that are a bit cheaper and more reliable than the originals.

I have looked at previous posts about toilet pump failures and when I can work out how to get the fuse out from beside the waste tank to check it I think I could manage to change the pump.

Any thoughts or advice would be welcome.

2017 Triton 430GT
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RE: Taps and toilet not working

in Anything Eriba-related Tue Aug 29, 2023 11:54 am
by dinky | 211 Posts

does the same pump run kitchen tap?
or are they ones that drop into the container, every year my drop in pump in rest room sticks need a soft tap on side and the wheel nudging, then it preforms.

if can get shower tap working there's your flush, till can get toilet pump to work, if helps hob had an issue he documented it somewhere on the forum
How to replace an electric toilet water pump
however found this in a search so may help
Thetford Cassette C402C - Flush Pump Not Working

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RE: Taps and toilet not working

in Anything Eriba-related Tue Aug 29, 2023 1:04 pm
by Clive795 | 31 Posts

Thanks dinky,

Yes each tap has a water container beneath with the pump inside.
I haven't tried tapping the pumps but it will be worth trying.

I have looked at the posts for replacing the toilet pump and although awkward I think I can do it if I need to.

I think because each of them failed within 24 hours it made me think it was the fuses or wiring.

Because the van is on a storage site it will be a few days before I can investigate further.

2017 Triton 430GT
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RE: Taps and toilet not working

in Anything Eriba-related Tue Aug 29, 2023 10:09 pm
by Steamdrivenandy | 1.011 Posts

I presume that taps that operate a pump in a container below work on a microswitch on the tap. The microswitches can burn out but are usually replaceable, not requiring a full tap replacement.

All water pumps in caravans can 'stick', especially after a long period drained down and dry. It only takes a little prod with a screwdriver to overcome the sticktion and they work fine 'til the next time. They can also corrode in the same circumstances and stop working completely. The flush pumps in Thetford toilets are susceptible to the same issues.

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