AlKo 1300 Un-seizing

in We've got it down to a T Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:37 am
by Crow (deleted)

I had my handwheel jam, it would not tighten in, the cause was the
hand wheel had been wound too far and jammed against the split ring.
I put the little security ball up inside to support the friction pads and put
a 13mm socket (any suitabley sized tube will do) over the pin in the centre
of the handwheel, give it a light tap with a hammer. It should spin as per
normal if not it may need another tap, easy does it.
The wheel should now spin normally and ratchet when tightened.
Make sure the stabiliser handle is fully raised and the hand wheel
fully unwound before connecting or disconnecting the stabiliser from the towball

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