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by Steamdrivenandy (deleted)

Oh we do have fun on CT.

The other day someone posted that their towbar had bent and named the brand. Among lots of concerned replies was a second person with the same type of car and same issue with the same make towbar. Even more concerned replies and then a statement from the towbar makers. That was followed by a flurry of advice and counter advice and someone taking it on themselves to report the towbar issue to VOSA. There then followed a post from the towbar maker threatening legal action, so the offending threads were 'pulled'.

Now a response from VOSA has been rec'd and it turns out there was no fault in the towbar, but that they had been fitted incorrectly. Apparently there is a 'crash bar' in the bumper structure that has to be removed when fitting the towbar, but must be refitted as it's an integral part of the strength of the design. In both cases the 'crash bar' hadn't been refitted. So towbar maker vindicated and several pontificating, self appointed, keyboard amateur engineers red faced and apologetic. Great fun.

We're keeping a wary eye out on a heated debate about Scottish independence and a semi slanging match between two immovable objects sniping at each other about towing nose up or nose down and holding fire on whether Riversway Leisure have closed down or have just closed their shop and are trading normally online. There's also a sterile debate about whether a Sorento is better than a Santa Fe or vice versa, a caravan dealer who may be going under, and where's best place to put your spirit level to ensure you're not pitched on a wonk.

It's better than decorating!

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