Best onsite moaner 2013

in Anything that's not Eriba-related. Mon Dec 30, 2013 8:12 am
by ellen (deleted)

Any nominations for the above? Ours is the lady who I mentioned in an earlier post who wanted us to move our car out of her sight as she thought it was ugly. She very kindly said that the Tent wasn't too bad, that being our awning mmmmmmm. When we do arrive on a site we really do look like the neighbours from hell, while we are booking in the car is rocking from side to side with the dogs going loopy if another dog passes. We ignore it and pretend its not happening, smile at the wardens then make a quick exit. As we are driving round in search of our pitch you can see written on people's faces "please don't come here". Then of course our door faces theirs, not very popular but nevermind eh! Our gsd has learnt that if she puts her nose under the zip to the awning door she can escape, I looked out once to see her trying to get into a neighbours van with the owner trying to shoo her out like a wasp, poor dog was terrified.In all fairness to ourselves, once we are settled in and the girls have a good run you wouldn't know we are there, apart from the odd escape of course. So, can anyone beat the lady with the car phobia? Ellen.

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RE: Best onsite moaner 2013

in Anything that's not Eriba-related. Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:17 am
by Crow (deleted)

We were asked to level up our sun awning as it was annoyingly tilted (to shoot water off)
the bloke was perhaps a compulsive picture straightener.
Ten minutes chatting with me and he went off convinced the tilt was his idea!

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RE: Best onsite moaner 2013

in Anything that's not Eriba-related. Mon Dec 30, 2013 7:37 pm
by Blueyonder (deleted)

A lovely Dutch couple next to us in near le parc du Verdon were asked by a very stuck up couple not to hang their underwear on the washing line. I have to say, I have never seen so many pairs of mens y fronts at one time on a line before, but they were so brilliant white that I was going to ask the lady for laundry tips! They weren't flapping in the wind or anything and were hung close to their caravan.... and the view from the site was stunning and almost 360 degrees - see @ http://www.camping-manaysse.com, so there was really no spoiling the view (it was also one of the cheapest campsites we've been to, was so nice and with lovely owners, we'd go again in a heartbeat).

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RE: Best onsite moaner 2013

in Anything that's not Eriba-related. Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:13 am
by Unhitched (deleted)

Can't recall anything worth reporting on but what about an award for the most boring caravanner? We posted on here when we first joined about a couple who always left the site mid morning and always returned mid afternoon. NEVER went off again after 4pm and this was in the height of summer! His poor wife often looked bored and would wander off on her own! His is routine around the pitch was equally predictable everyday. Even the poor dogs were walked at the same hour and for the same amount of time every morning! He must have either been an Army guy or OCD or both,....or just plain boring with a lot of years ahead as he must only have been early to mid sixties ( though his wife looked 10 years his junior)
If nothing else he provided us with entertainment though after the third day it was like watching repeats on TV!!!!

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