Outwell Country road awning mod for Troll 540

in Making the most of that expensive pitch Wed Oct 23, 2013 4:45 pm
by Pop540 (deleted)

when we fit this awning to the Troll 540 the side of the tunnel cut down the centre of the rear side window with the habitation door just opening to 90 degrees.

My solution was to extend the awning strip to ensure the side window was included in the connecting tunnel, and the door could open slightly wider..
in the current design the tunnel also flaps and has some black adjusters either side at the top to try and make the sides fit better, on eriba this does not work.

I ordered 4metres of white Awning strip 8mm and 12 outwell durawrap fibre poles the thickness size was 12mm from amazon

once the white awning strip arrived, I slide it into the awning rail and marked on where the front of habitation door was the front light lens and the rear back window and cut the excess that went round the bend off

I then layed the outwell country road (ocr) awning out on the bed (my only flat large surface)
and aligned the door mark on new white strip to the black awning strip
found I could fold the black awning strip down rather than remove and pin the white new awning strip behind which would be hidden under the pole attachment pocket.

then pinned the awning strip down the sides under the black adjuster ensuring the white strip would be as straight as possible, at the connecting tunnel side near the rear window there was elastic, so had to stretch and pin using foot as extra grip

Its at this point I would suggest a thorough sewing machine oiling,
and clean up the excess
then test drive a piece of fabric to ensure presser foot and machine working
Using normal thread placed the awning and strip underfoot and sew 2 lines up and back down the strip locking off at each end..we had a small issue which caused wiggly lines but that adds to strength
the sewing was achievable with a domestic machine

Upon refitting to eriba the white strip slid in easier and using the black strip as a guide pulled to the door and after fitting poles pegged the door side down
the rear side window was bypassed but had over estimated the white awing strip length required on the connecting tunnel side so with a pair of pinking shears cut the awning piping to lower the side to the ground but ensuring the rear side window was still within the connecting tunnel

we then erected the 12 extra poles and put the ends next to the existing hoop connectors and pulled the middle toward the eriba
the pictures were taken just before the extra hoop adjustment

the outwell country road hasn't been cut to do this modification so could be undone to sell as manufactuer spec if the need arose

the first 2 photos are before pictures
the first being a mock up of what was needed to achieve full window view
the others are modified awning
the white is the awning strip de piped but adds strength to new corner

I will take more picture when next used. and measure the whole width of eriba and awning

Apparently the width of a standard ccc pitch is 5metres, with a fire reg break of 6metres

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RE: Outwell Country road awning mod for Troll 540

in Making the most of that expensive pitch Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:13 pm
by Crystal | 245 Posts

Sounds like a comprehensive account, but I'm really glad I was privy tp the uncensored version with the giggles and cups of tea! You should let the world know about your prowess as a sewing machine service engineer as well!

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RE: Outwell Country road awning mod for Troll 540

in Making the most of that expensive pitch Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:26 pm
by Pop540 (deleted)

the uncensored version

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