The Layout Eriba never made

in Anything Eriba-related Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:25 pm
by Steamdrivenandy (deleted)

I'm sure you're all bored with me saying that Eriba should produce a van like mine.

Well I've been pondering this and have been researching measurements etc. and at the risk of boring you even more here are my conclusions.

Internal length - Lunar 4.68m, Troll 4.66m actually less than an inch different.
Internal width - Lunar 2.04m, Troll 2.0m makes the Lunar just over 1,5ins wider.
So near as makes no difference the internals are about the same size.

The Lunar's front benches are 1.688m long, the rear benches on a 530 are 1.4m and a 540 1.9m

The Lunar's rear dinette is 0.762m wide, the front dinette of a 530 is 0.93m and a 540's is 0.73m

So the Lunar's benches are 11ins longer than the 530 and 8ins shorter than the 540's.

Cobbling those figures together means they each have the following space in between the seats on either side:

Lunar 2.23m

530 2.33m

540 2.03m

If Eriba fitted 530 benches with a 540 dinette up front the 'spare' space would be 2.53m

So at the moment a 530 has more space for kitchen and door and wardrobe and washroom than my Lunar, but it just doesn't utilise that space too well, when it could be fitting ovens, bigger fridges, more worktop and a proper shower cubicle on the other side. If they made the hybrid 530/540 they could use a whole 8ft 5ins for the galley and door and the wardrobe and washroom, instead of the 6ft 7ins that the current 540 gets.

What has surprised me is how much can be crammed into a small space.

The current 530/540 washroom is 1m wide and 0.86m deep at its deepest.

The Lunar's washroom is just 0.75m deep, that's over 4ins less than the Troll's, but including the shower cubicle it's 1.6m wide, 2ft more than the Eribas and it's so much more user friendly, even though the non shower area floorspace is probably less.

So what does this all add up to?

Well judging by this research it seems that Hymer just aren't trying when it comes to innovating on the floorplan of the Troll. Leaving out the extra shelf space and umbrella stands on a 530 and there's lots of room for a shower unit and a bigger and better kitchen. Hybridise a 530/540 mixed van and you'd have an immense (I use the term figuratively) space for a really luxurious washroom area and room for an Aga and a US style double door fridge!

Amber a Lunar Quasar 464 Sussex Amberley Sussex Caravans dealer special pushing a '59 reg. Kia Cee'd 3 SW 1.6 CRDi Automatic, a rough towing ratio of 86%.
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RE: The Layout Eriba never made

in Anything Eriba-related Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:42 am
by crow (deleted)

I have trouble with insomnia as well Andy

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