Battery and gas.

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by Julie Grafo | 3.450 Posts

We’ve recently had our van serviced and one of the things to come up was that we need a new battery, something we already suspected. So, we’re thinking about dipping our toes into solar, not intending to spend weeks off grid but the odd weekend. Which brings us to my question, assume ( rightly) that I know nothing, what sort of battery and what size do I need? Any recommendations for suppliers or brands?
Also do I need an inverter to enable me to use my beloved Remoska, again what size or however they’re sold?

The other half of this inane questioning is gas. I’m assuming that ideally we need to swap to propane, the other thing to come out of the service was the need for a new regulator so that would happen when we swap. We also have a CampingGaz cylinder, what gas is in it?

Told you I know nothing, all advice welcomed.

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RE: Battery and gas.

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by Steve and Debbie | 1.070 Posts

Your regulator will specify which it is 28-30 mbar for butane and 37 mbar for propane.

Calor are in a real mess at the moment. They have withdrawn all their small bottles but are also short of bottles . I thought the CampingGaz was butane and exchangeable for a 7kg butane bottle but their website has changed in the last 2 days and it's vanished.


There’s currently a hold on new cylinder issues and we’re only able to offer you one if you have an empty bottle of that particular size to exchange.

Flogas are the same so if you want to change you will have to buy an empty bottle on the black market


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RE: Battery and gas.

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by Ray Lawrence | 667 Posts

On the battery side, I have a 100Ah AGM battery fitted to my 2007 Triton 430.
I regularly use grass only pitches for 7 days at a time.
I use a 60Watt folding solar panel (Photonics Universe) The lighting has all been changed to LED.
We are able to charge phones and tablets and have a couple of hours TV a night via an inverter. There is still plenty left in the battery to use the mover to get off the pitch at the end of the week.

I would think it highly unlikely that you could use a Remoska or any other type of heating device with that sort of setup. Generally off grid means cooking heating and refrigeration operations are gas.

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