Where have you been and/or where do you want to go?

in Anything that's not Eriba-related. Thu Jan 16, 2014 6:15 pm
by Deeps (deleted)

OK then, during these miserable winter days when the Eriba's are safely tucked away - well most anyway - it's time to reflect on places we've been and/or places that we'd like to go, if only in our dreams. So how's about posting a few pictures/videos of just that - preferably with sun and blue skies to cheer us all up. Doesn't have to be all/any Eriba related of course as it would be nice to see some places that perhaps many have heard of but have never thought of going. You get the picture.......oh, is that a pun?

Here then, to start the ball rolling is a short nine minute video of the area around Lake Garda, Italy, shot a couple of years ago whilst enjoying my other hobby.............a man thing. Everything from the neck down is old whilst everything above is young.

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RE: Where have you been and/or where do you want to go?

in Anything that's not Eriba-related. Thu Jan 16, 2014 6:53 pm
by ellen (deleted)

When the kids still lived at home and could look after the dogs (we've always had dogs) we used to go abroad a lot. Malaysia and Kenya were 2 of our favourite destinations, we spent 3 weeks in Borneo on one of our trips, the visit to the headhunters was superb.In Kenya a British couple built an orphanage and school from the sale of their hotel here in the UK, we have a little boy there called David, we sponsor him to pay for his time at the orphanage. It has the lovely name of "The happy house". We have visited Kenya a few times but would love to return to see how David and the others are doing .nearer to home we just love Wales and Scotland and plan on visiting more than just our favourite areas of both. I think that Arisaig in the Highlands is one of the most beautiful places we have visited, beaches to die for and loch Morar is stunning. I'll stop here as I will soon become boring. Ellen

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