Towing Across Europe from the UK

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by TheFreshfields (deleted)

Hi everyone, Eriba newbies here but with previous caravan experience.

We're looking to tow our 542 across Europe, spanning over a few weeks this summer.

Bookings already in place for a few nights in Jungfrau Switzlerland and in the Dolomites Italy. We're thinking to do a loop that reaches it's zenith in Hungary and coming back to the Uk. So a big circle, that heads south(ish) to begin and loops back north(ish) to end.

Does anyone have any tips for driving / towing across Europe - tolls, country specific rules etc - and any other tips for long trips in the Eriba?

Towing with our Range Rover Evoque with a 6 month baby in the back.

Thanks in advance!

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RE: Towing Across Europe from the UK

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by aquavit | 23 Posts

I did a similar route in reverse last September, travelling from Hungary, where we now live, to the UK. This was our first big trip in our newly acquired Eriba, although we had done the journey many times in a motorhome it was a steep learning curve for adapting to towing and living in a "caravan".

We used motorways for speed and convenience, tolls through Austria which can be purchased at a service station when filling up. No tolls through Germany of course but we did find an awful lot of roadworks on the Autobahn system. We chose campsites for overnighting as close to the motorway system as possible and did the journey to the ferry port with two stopovers. No issues at all with towing, the Eriba really is a dream to tow and even more so with your car I imagine. To cut down on the hassle we pitched without unhitching if space permitted, on our overnight stops, just lowering the rear stays. I noticed a lot of the German "tuggers" were doing this. Make sure you have plenty of cable for EHU as we found some pitches were a long way from an outlet.

If you're coming to Hungary let me know if you would like more country specific info regarding campsites, what to see etc.

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RE: Towing Across Europe from the UK

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by Randa france | 13.018 Posts

Hi Family Freshfields

There's a lot of touring information in the "Out and About with your Eriba" page and we have personally done your planned trip be it on two of our blogs with the Italian Dolomites and Switzerland on the way back from Croatia.

I've linked the various pages for you to read. We've left the UK by way of Portsmouth or Dieppe or even one of the channel ports but the way through France towards the Alps is always the same.
Beware of Paris though and take a wide berth of it if you can. Also in Switzerland you'll need to purchase two Vignettes, one for the car and one for the caravan. When we travelled last they were 40 euros each. You won't be able to go far into Switzerland without them. Don't forget that now we are no longer Euro members you can only travel for a maximum of 90 days. Generally speaking the speed limit throughout Europe is 50mph MAX when towing.
Any questions please ask.

Randa's Me and 'Ers 2019 Journey out to Greece by way of Mont Blanc.

Randa's Me and 'Ers 2019 (14) From Romania to Hungary and back to the UK

Randa's Meanderings 2017 (9) Dolomites and Switzerlnd.

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