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Found this on Facebook so had to share it. Don't know if everyone can follow the link which has over 30 photos so I've copied a few just in case.

Opel 1960.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)Opel 1960 02.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

Opel 1960 01.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)


Hannover's Oldtimer - 🎉🍾Part 1.000🎊 😘- Opel Rekord P2 1700 and Eriba Puck 🚗😘
Already since last summer I have been thinking about which old-timer to present you for this very special anniversary.
An extravagant Frenchman, an athletic Englishman, a voluminous Ami, a rare Japanese or perhaps a racist Italian? 🤔
Then I discovered on the 14th In August, this wonderfully beautiful team was at a vintage car event and I immediately knew that it would be the 1,000 classic car I present here.
In August 1960, the Opel Rekord P2 came to the market as a two- or four-door step hatch limousine, two-door coupe and as a three-door combi caravan and van. A total of 786,411 were built until February 1963. In the middle class, the P2 was the best-selling car at the time and at times ranked 2nd behind the VW Beetle in German registration statistics.
In 1960, the Eriba Puck came to the market as part of a large model family and remained in the program well into the 1970s.
For the owner of this wonderful group, it should have been an old-timer with a steering wheel switch, a all-round bench and a large white steering wheel, so the selection was quite limited.
2012 he was found and bought the limousine with first registration May 1963 and 55 hp with 3-speed steering wheel gear for 7.000 in condition 3-. The interior moderately, the body, which was cream colored at the time, was in relatively good condition.
He restored the P2 completely himself with great attention to detail and as a crowning finish there was a new paint in safari green / chamonix white. A report brought the note 2 with a value of 20,000.
The Eriba Puck from 1962 was added in 2014 for a cheap 2,000, but was in very moderate condition and had an airbrush paint in dark blue.
This dwarf was also restored with love and shows up today, just like the Opel Rekord P2 1700 in fantastic condition. 😍
So, enough excited, here's to the next 1,000 old-timers that I can present to you on this page...

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