Suzuki Jimny Gen 4 - 1500cc

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by GT runner | 291 Posts

I was just wondering if any of the good Eriba Folk had any experience of towing with the new model Jimny. I am buying a new 310 from LF (scaling down from a Troll 530 60th) and wonder how it might cope. On paper the stats say I can tow upto 1300KG. The 310 unloaded is 700 kg and then allowing for say 150kg of bits and bobs I should be well under. I have recently had the tow bar/ball and electrics fitted and thought I would give towing a whirl and set off with a Puck in tow. All went very well and the Puck was a very nice match. BUT even on a slight incline things were noticeably different. I really had to go down through the gears and think about things. So my guess is that the 310 would be even harder work ?? I would be very grateful for any owner experiences, tips or advice. Many thanks, Robbie

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RE: Suzuki Jimny Gen 4 - 1500cc

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by Steve and Debbie | 1.080 Posts

Try using the search button above. There are a few results for "Jimny"

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RE: Suzuki Jimny Gen 4 - 1500cc

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by Steamdrivenandy | 1.017 Posts

The rule of thumb for power and torque for a comfortable tow is 40bhp per tonne of actual train weight and 80lb/ft of torque per tonne. Anything under those figures will be slow going with lots of gear changing. Don't forget your 310 basic MIRO will not be what it actually weighs as you'll have added cost options.

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RE: Suzuki Jimny Gen 4 - 1500cc

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by Poptop320 | 2.615 Posts

I have had 5 Suzuki Jimnys including a GEN4, my 1300cc Jimny was ok with my 1994 Puck (500kg) but I have to be brutally honest the 1300cc and the 1500cc were pants with my 2015 Familia 320. There is not enough torque to make it a safe tugger, the short wheel base, slab sides and high ground clearance makes it a very twitchy uncomfortable towing platform with the heavier Familia. I always thought the 1300kg plated towing max was a bit optimistic, if it had more torque then maybe the Jimny would be ok as it is heavy for its size due to the ladder frame, however in my experience 650kgs would be more than enough to tow. Pulling out at junctions was difficult and required enormous gaps in the traffic to make it safe, overtaking on motorway was impossible and I had to sit behind slow traffic, I got beeped on numerous occasions for going too slow and the noise in the cabin was horrendous from the engine screaming constantly, I was exhausted when I got to my destination. You have already assessed that the driving has to be more considered, when approaching big hills high revs and low gears are required as you approach them as the engine is naturally aspirated with no turbo and momentum is soon lost if someone cuts you up. I had to exchange my Jimny for something with more torque, as you know the Jimny resale value is nuts so I didn’t lose out.
The Jimny is very much an enthusiasts car like a Land Rover with a fantastic fan/support base, it will have to be a compromise that you will have to accept with its limitations.


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RE: Suzuki Jimny Gen 4 - 1500cc

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by GT runner | 291 Posts

Thank you to you all for your replies, experiences, and advice. Really appreciated. Lots to think about then. Love my Jimny, love Eribas so what to do ??? Thank goodness for Eriba Folk !

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